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Cypress Productivity Systems is an organizational development and technical services consulting company based in Simi Valley, California. Our primary focus has been on the financial line of business, with particular emphasis on retail and merchant banking. We provide consulting services in two primary areas.

In our Technical Consultations, we provide a wide variety of services ranging from enabling web sites for e-commerce, to database programming and administration, systems analysis and design, systems architecture, all the way to high-level software engineering project management and interim executive management. Through our network of Associates, we can provide capability and added value at every level of your IT organization, from programming and technical writing to executive-level interim CIO positions.

In our Management Consultations, we provide assistance with your IT organization dynamics. We help you identify ways to manage change, enhance your teamwork, develop your leadership, and implement processes and methodologies for continuous improvement. We will work within and alongside your HR and IT departments to identify and develop attitudes and behaviors that encourage creativity and excellence.

Cypress Productivity Systems
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